It’s a bit disappointing to read at the very beginning: “Should you buy it? 13'’ vs 15'’? Or finally switch to a Windows/Linux box?” and then find literally nothing about Windows. To be fair there is this advice: “If you are afraid of macOS vs Windows, give a shot! You’ll be familiar in less than a week.”. Really!? That’s it!?

Nevertheless, I made a switch from mac to windows (Surface Book) around a year ago and I have to admit that Surface Book is state-of-the-art hardware! However, it runs Windows. There are some hackintosh manuals but it looks dirty and not fully working.

Therefore, I made my mind sometime ago and decided to go back to mac. I waited for WWDC conference that happened a few days ago, just to see if there were going to introduce/refresh new macbook pro line. Unfortunately, there are none…. yet. Anyway, a new mac book pro has been ordered :) Let’s be honest macOS rocks and is (and was) miles ahead of Windows and Linux.

I only wish there was a good, reliable replacement for macbook that can run macOS natively that’s not bulky, ugly and low-end finished.

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