How to check if your vegan dog is not secretly a carnivore

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Quick guide to all progressive people who want to make sure that their beloved ones aren’t cheating on them.

You are a vegan and so is your dog. That’s completely normal. If plants, like Venus flytrap can eat meat, no one should be surprised that animals considered to be primarily meat eaters can changed their mind and become vegan too.

It’s all about breaking social stigmas, isn’t? It’s all in our heads. Nature, science, DNA — who needs this!? We all know that we have a choice. We can be what we want to be — proclaim our gender, eat what we want.

You decided to be a vegan and your dog is supporting you. You eat plants only and your dog can’t resist plant-based dog food. By the way, carrot sticks — what a treat that you can share together! Delicious!

However, have you ever noticed a strange behaviour of your dog(s)? Maybe, your dog isn’t that progressive after all? Let’s make a challenge: put a bowl full of your dog’s favourite vegan food and put another one full of fresh, bloody meat.

You can soon find out which one your dog actually prefers! If that’s meat — then there is no way back. Life sentence in dog shelter straight away! Who knows what other secrets your dog has? Maybe it is secretly supporting Trump too or other conservative party if living outside USA? We don’t need such a negativity in our liberal life.

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