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  • Thai Pangsakulyanont

    Thai Pangsakulyanont

    (@dtinth) A software engineer and frontend enthusiast. A Christian. A JavaScript musician. A Ruby and Vim lover.

  • Eric Elliott

    Eric Elliott

    Make some magic. #JavaScript

  • Lonare


    Imagination is the key to unlock the world. I am trying to unlock mine.

  • Ankur Anand

    Ankur Anand

    Learning to Learn in Feynman Technique. -https://ankuranand.com

  • Atari VCS

    Atari VCS

    Atari's new PC/Console hybrid! Then new video computer system, with open platform for creativity and customization. Inspired by legend, built for the future!

  • Sami Pippuri

    Sami Pippuri

    CTO at MaaS Global | Cars, Software, IoT | Mobility as a Service

  • MaaS Global

    MaaS Global

    First ever mobility as a service operator, making the biggest change in transportation ever since affordable cars came into market. Learn more at maas.global

  • Nick Cousins

    Nick Cousins

    I work in the software industry, and I’ve got a passion for design, technology, politics and humanism.

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